Sunday, 16 June 2013

Had the boys nearly a year

I cannot believe how quickly time goes now, must be my age! Teddy and Pookey have been with us for a whole year in July and it feels like they've always been with us.
Pookey turned one on the 30th March and Teddy on the 6th April. I can't imagine them not being here with us.
The boys have such different personalities but are like little humans, unlike any other cat we've come across! Whichever room we are in in the house they are there with us, Pookey lays on me in bed in the mornings whereas other times of the day he'd rather just be next to you. Teddy on the other hand is a complete little baby who wants to be cuddled in your lap all the time - what a sweetie!
So.. What's happened lately. They had there jabs at the start of June with our brilliant vet, they are so comfortable there that they just roll around on the floor doing the typical Ragdoll flop even though they have just been stabbed in the neck! He was so pleased with them - really healthy, perfect coats, good teeth and nice weight. Teddy weighs a very baby like 10lb 4oz and Pookey a more hefty 13lb 3oz. Not overweight though. We are very lucky our vet has some knowledge of Ragdolls and their size.
When we go to my mother and father-in laws we've bought some harnesses for them to run around the garden in. Pookey is very chilled out and just likes to sniff everything, whereas Teddy we have to keep a real watchful eye on. If he was an outdoor cat we would have all sorts of animals bought back to us as presents! He is a complete hunter and wants to chase everything... Bugs in the grass, flys, bees, little birds, pigeons!!
We have finally sorted all the stomach problems we had with teddy thankfully. We had a lot of tests done which cost a fortune (thank goodness for insurance) that had to be sent off to America to be tested and the results came back that he has an pancreatic enzyme deficiency. Which is the reason we had all that time with awful stomach issues and nothing worked. He is now on medication for the foreseeable future called Lypex. More commonly seen in dogs, Alsatians mainly, I have to give him half a capsule sprinkled on his breakfast and then on his dinner! Thankfully Teddy loves his wet food, Pookey on the other hand has nearly stopped eating it all together. He'll lick up a bit of gravy and eat some of the applaws chicken then teddy finishes the rest!
Here are some recent photos of them anyway.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Birthday Pookey

Pookey has just turned 1 year old today... I can't believe it! The time has gone so quickly. I haven't posted for a while so I'll do a proper update soon. This is just to wish my 'little' baby a Happy 1st Birthday.
Now for some now and then photos!!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

9 months pictures

9 months old now

Da Bird and Flying Frenzy

Just a quick toy review. Flying Frenzy is the UK version on Da Bird, and in my opinion a much better one. I had Da Bird first of all but the cats ruined it within a few days and it wasn't very sturdy. Flying frenzy is slightly cheaper and has a better, longer, bouncier rod to use and the cats love it, even lazy Pookey!!

Flying Frenzy
Da Bird

Happy New Year!

It's been quite a while since I've posted so thought I'd get on here today. We all had a lovely christmas and new year and the cats got spoilt!! I was thinking last night that we've actually had them 6 months in a few days time, crazy!!

So an update on Teddy's tummy problems, he's having different blood tests at the moment as they think there is a slight imbalance in his tummy that he's not producing enough of something. Just waiting for the second blood test results to come back to see what they say, in the mean time he's still on the antibiotics as that keeps him from having any accidents which is a relief!!

Anyway.. They boys are now just over 8 months old and they are huge!! Well Pookey is extra huge! On the last weigh in not that long ago Teddy was 9lbs and Pookey was 11lbs. Lots of fluff though, but Pookey does have a massive fat pouch!! I'm worried at his 1 year check up he's going to get put on a diet.

Here's a few recent ones of them!

Pookey in the Christmas spirit!!
Teddy is also!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Teddy's tummy

Since we had Teddy he's had a sensitive tummy. After lots of change of food and back again, antibiotics and probiotics, touch wood, I think he's back to normal.
The vets started him with a change of food to Royal Canin sensitivity wet and dry and Pro-Kolin paste (this paste is a life safer and everyone should have one spare in their cupboard). This sorted him out with in a few days and all was fine... Until he got neutered and wormed. It really messed him up again and we used the paste which didn't seem to work as well this time. Another vet visit and we had antibiotics , more paste and Royal Canin gastro-intestinal. He was sorted again within a few days, I've gradually got him back on the dry kitten food but still continuing with the sensitive wet as it works for him and he loves it!

It's been a while...

Since getting the boys I haven't been very good at updating the blog, they are so time consuming!

They are now 7 months old and are absolutely huge!! We can't imagine now having them with us anymore, they are just part of the family. The boys used to be shut out of our bedroom at night to avoid being woken up, but I persuaded Chris to let them in with us a few months ago! Teddy does wake us up at 6.30 every morning but nevermind.
They are such fun to be with and want to be with you all the time, wherever you are, which is so nice as I don't know many cats who are interested in that who aren't Ragdolls.
Here are some recent pictures anyway..